When Does It Make Sense to Repair Your Garage Door Instead of Replacing It

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When Does It Make Sense to Repair Your Garage Door Instead of Replacing It

Garage door repair vs replace

When Does It Make Sense to Repair Your Garage Door Instead of Replacing It

As with most homes, there are certain items inside or around the exterior that you look at, shake your head and think “I really should replace that”. Often, this is triggered due to a cosmetic defect of some sort or wear damage, something that can’t be avoided—especially if you’re talking about an external items such as a garage door. However, how can you tell when it would be easier to repair or to replace your garage doors?

Two Key Reasons to Replace a Garage Door

There are two key reasons why people wish to replace a garage door: when the panels are scratched and rusted or when something isn’t actually working due to high winds, contact with a vehicle or normal wear and tear. There is a fine line between repairing and replacing your garage door, but the service technicians at Garage Door Pro can help walk you through the different scenarios that you could encounter.

If a panel is damaged, or it feels unsafe—or “heavy”—replacement may be the best option. While you likely can make a change and repair your garage door, there’s a pretty high likelihood that it would fail again, so in that case you will probably want to bite the bullet and have a new garage door installed. The current age of your garage door is also important to know; as it could potentially still be under your homeowner’s purchase warranty.

When you’re just seeing some leaking around the base of the garage door or even on the sides, then this is likely an issue that you can fix yourself—there’s no need to replace the entire door. Your budget is probably the final deciding factor: if you have the money set aside that will allow you to purchase the part and still have it installed, then that should be your first option. If not, call the repair team at Garage Door Pro any time 24/7 and they’ll be there to help you in a jiffy!


Should I repair or replace my garage door?

Repair vs. Replace

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