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  • Dustin Rardon AvatarDustin Rardon

    We called them after 4pm on a weekday and they were able to come out and fix our garage door that evening. - 8/17/2021 

    Joseph Landis AvatarJoseph Landis

    Great Service ! Knowledgeable, Friendly, Prompt. AWESOME !! - 8/16/2021 

    Michelle Nixon AvatarMichelle Nixon

    It's never a joy when you need an unanticipated repair, but it happens. When you need garage door repair, I highly recommend this company. I had two springs break and it was a Saturday. The technician was here within an hour. He was very professional, kind and knowledgeable. I feel this is the best company and it was reasonably affordable. A+++ - 8/08/2021 

    Natalie Nelson AvatarNatalie Nelson

    Our garage door broke around 4:45 and was fixed by 6:30!!!! Very friendly, kind, and efficient! - 8/03/2021 

    Henry Havlik AvatarHenry Havlik

    I accepted the service fee but to charge me $189.00 for a half hour of work to fix my garage door is highway robbery. Then to demand payment in cash only was the icing on the cake. I even called a day in advance so it wouldn't be considered an emergency call. Not a fan of this company. - 7/27/2021 

    Jim Hosken AvatarJim Hosken

    Quick turnaround time and good communication on my garage door repair - 7/16/2021 

    Brian McQueen AvatarBrian McQueen

    Our 65 year old house has very heavy solid wood garage doors. The old rusty spring on one of the doors broke (the other door has a newer spring). It broke after pulling my car in and closing the door (luckily!). Steve from Garage Door Pro came and put a new spring on this old system. Then he noticed the cables on the side were almost worn through. Because of the age of the door and the style of the equipment these doors were built with, he needed to turn the direction of the cables. He first got my car out of the garage and then worked to change the direction on those cable wheels. The garage door is working and is safe. I called in the morning and all this was done the same day. Steve was great. He did excellent work and explained everything well. I talked to him about eventually replacing the doors. He gave me great information and a brochure to review - I highly recommend this company! - 7/13/2021 

    Kristin M AvatarKristin M

    The garage door technician arrived on time and replaced my springs quickly. He did a great job and it's now working perfectly!! - 7/01/2021 

    Linda Taggart AvatarLinda Taggart

    Fixed garage door spring the same day. Great communication regarding ETA and very professional service. Would certainly call again. - 6/13/2021 

    Timothy Bone AvatarTimothy Bone

    Noam was a fabulous technician who fully repaired the multiple problems I had with my entire garage door opener system. And he responded to my request immediately; and was courteous while explaining the technical details to me. Next time I call I will request Noam! - 6/11/2021 

    Michael Pogue AvatarMichael Pogue

    I was toying between 4 and 5 stars (as there was an issue with my coupon) but I’m going 5 Stars, solely due to my technician “Noam”.I called a couple places and Garage Door Pro was out within less than two hours. I got all my estimates upfront and the service call was very inexpensive. Noam was my service technician who was very professional and patiently answered all my questions. The repair was done in less than an hour. Here’s the amazing part: Noam called me the next day as he’d just received a better part for my door and wanted to come out and install it. In about and hour he’d arrived, replaced with NO extra cost! He’s got my business! - 6/06/2021 

    Jayeeta Ghose AvatarJayeeta Ghose

    We took the assistance of Garage Pro last week to get our garage door fixed. A gentleman named Noam represented them and helped us fix it wonderfully. Not only was he extremely good at his job, he was also nice and patient, polite, and even repaired parts on his own which we had never requested him to do. And all these he did at a very reasonable price. We are thankful to Garage Pro and Noam for their excellent services. Would strongly recommend them. - 6/03/2021 

    C. Hart AvatarC. Hart

    The technician arrived very quickly, and replaced the springs in a very efficient manner. He was very courteous while doing the job. If I ever need work done on my garage door again I will be sure to call this company, and probably request the same technician. Great job!! Thanks again!! - 5/19/2021 

    Dennis Adams AvatarDennis Adams

    Garage Door Pro LLC replaced a garage spring for me in a timely manner and fair on the cost of the work. I will use them again - 4/20/2021 

    Ron Sheppard AvatarRon Sheppard

    They were able to make it out within a matter of hours of me calling on a Saturday morning, assessed the damage and had the repair all completed same day. Very nice and easy to deal with, transparent and fair pricing. Definitely recommend doing business with them. - 4/11/2021 

    Tiffani Newsome AvatarTiffani Newsome

    They were good! Andrew did the job quickly and efficiently. - 4/08/2021 

    Joshua Brown AvatarJoshua Brown

    The gentleman was on time/early, knew what he was doing, and charged a fair price. Small business attitude and all the right knowledge. What more can you ask for? - 3/11/2021 

    Mike Nelson AvatarMike Nelson

    Technician was here about 15 minutes after the call and my garage was fixed shortly thereafter. Good service at the lowest comparable price to anything else in the area. - 1/28/2021 

    connie griggs Avatarconnie griggs

    We were looking for someone to fix our garage door and install a keypad. After talking to a lot of companies, I came across Garage Door Pro. I booked an appointment with them. The technician arrived at our house in no time and finished the job soon. He was very professional and pleasant to work with. - 1/21/2021 

    Christopher McCullough AvatarChristopher McCullough

    The tech was professional, knowledgeable and efficient in the replacement of my garage door springs. Will recommend and use again! Thank you! - 1/19/2021 

    Valeri Mullins AvatarValeri Mullins

    Dispatch was friendly & quick to respond. My appointment was set for 9am but technician didn’t arrive until almost 3 hours later. Better communication for timing expectations would be appreciated. After arrival technician was respectful & efficient. Dispatch worked with me to take payment over the phone. - 1/19/2021 

    Camilo Lozano AvatarCamilo Lozano

    Installed outdoor keypad and fixed internal wiring. Thanks for the help! - 1/12/2021 

    Dianne Ermold AvatarDianne Ermold

    Came in less then 24 hours, called and text me appropriately. Fixed in a half hour, happy customer, I can get out of my garage! - 12/29/2020 

    Billy Wills AvatarBilly Wills

    Our garage door went off tracks and we had to use support to keep our door open. The mount also caused us problems while parking and it almost damaged our car at one time. We luckily came to know about the Garage Door Pro. They repaired our door, and now it functions smoothly. I must say that a fantastic work is done by Garage Door Pro. - 12/02/2020 

    Estelle Owen AvatarEstelle Owen

    We had a broken garage spring on a Monday morning, and we were worried about being late for our work. We had no hopes that someone would provide service within an hour of contacting them. My husband and I had a fantastic experience with the garage door pro. We are grateful for their swift response. - 11/29/2020 

    Kennedy Adams AvatarKennedy Adams

    Well, the reason for rating them 5/5 is self-evident. Trust me that this company is the real gem in the garage door business with excellent services, well-mannered staff, and highly skilled technicians; they are and will always be my first choice. - 11/09/2020 

    Elizabeth Betsch AvatarElizabeth Betsch

    Wow! I love the spectacular design of the garage door they fitted recently. The entire task was completed quickly on the same day. Also, the team left the site all neat and tidy after the job was complete. I just found them incredibly useful in their garage door repairing skills. - 11/06/2020 

    Carla Garrett AvatarCarla Garrett

    While checking out the services of various garage door contractors, I found this company and found them reasonable. Their rates are very affordable, and the staff is friendly too. Thank you guys, for being so incredible in what you do. - 11/04/2020 

    Olivia Sophia AvatarOlivia Sophia

    Everyone should use this garage door repairing service. Steve came on time and did the best garage door repair within budget. We feel delighted to hire them. - 11/03/2020 

    Gage Barrett AvatarGage Barrett

    The spring of my garage door broke down. I wanted to get that repaired on the same day for security purposes. This company provided me with immediate spring repair services. I am so amazed to hire them. - 10/31/2020 

  • Lawrence Butler AvatarLawrence Butler

    I had decided to have an overhead garage door in my garage. As the door is in front of my residence so I was in a search of expert garage who can well designed the front by giving it an aesthetic look. I understand the importance of it and that’s why I had hired the most reputable company, Garage Door Pro in our area. They were really very professional folks who know well how to fix the spring door and do the overall installation job. I strongly recommend their services to all the garage owners. - 10/11/2020 

    Rosie Hayes AvatarRosie Hayes

    Wow! What an amazing carriage style door they had fitted recently into my garage. It really looks awesome and my neighbors also liked it a lot. - 10/09/2020 

    Meghan Norton AvatarMeghan Norton

    Steve was super helpful in diagnosing our problem and replaced the parts very quickly. He discussed our other concerns and talked through strategies to remediate the problem, but unfortunately we will have to budget for a replacement. - 10/08/2020 

    Dorothy Terry AvatarDorothy Terry

    Searched out on Google for the best possible leads I can get for the installation of new garage door. After checking the positive reviews, I called their representative. He looks professional, talented and fully experienced individual. Fitting work went well without any glitches. Needless to say, I will always call them for any query in the future. Highly recommended! - 10/07/2020 

    Joyce Stanton AvatarJoyce Stanton

    Recently, when I was parking a car in to the garage, the garage door opener got broke and springs snaped in half.Their technicians were great. Even they had replaced it with the integrated LED door opener. They are the best garage contractors in the United States. Thank you! - 10/05/2020 

    Amber Phillips AvatarAmber Phillips

    Cheers to the team of garage door pro! Meticulous job approach, awesome attitude, hardworking and a superb workmanship. My house looks great because of the wonderful new garage door. My neighbors and my family also complimented on it. - 10/03/2020 

    Garcia Carlos AvatarGarcia Carlos

    My husband and I were so pleased with the incredible services of the Garage Door Pro. At the end of the fitting work, there was no mess left and everything was entirely clean.I highly appreciated their business. - 10/01/2020 

    Michael Dugan AvatarMichael Dugan

    I had recruited their services recently for the replacement of 16 feet doors. Their prices were reasonable and rational as compared to the other available competitors. I am happy that I had decided to use this company services. - 9/29/2020 

    Jeff dePesquale AvatarJeff dePesquale

    5/5 stars ranking! Reasons were quite obvious: excellent customer service, professional, talented and well-mannered people. They were literally the real gem in this field. - 9/28/2020 

    Amanda Ramirez AvatarAmanda Ramirez

    Couldn’t be happier. Everyone should use this business for any garage repair need. I was having an issue with my old garage door; they reached out to our place, took their time to inspect the problem and serviced the door at a precise economical rate. I applaud their honest and trust worthy work of these folks. - 9/26/2020 

    Mark Lobo AvatarMark Lobo

    Very courteous and timely (on a Saturday). Highly recommend! - 9/20/2020 

    Kathryn Mitchell AvatarKathryn Mitchell

    I am literally amazed when I have seen that their crew members were taking each and every sort of precaution at this difficult time of corona virus. It was a professional garage door repair service and I am highly impressed with them. - 8/13/2020 

    Christopher Owens AvatarChristopher Owens

    Last week, my garage door was collided with some big boxes due to which, there were an extensive damage to the door. It was quite hard to search for the experts in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic. But these guys turned out to be a miracle for me. I would definitely recommend their services whole heartedly. - 8/09/2020 

    Graciela James AvatarGraciela James

    Incredibly terrific experience. It was one of the best repairs in my garage door ever. Overall I am very satisfied with the services of Garage door pro. Thank you. - 8/09/2020 

    Roger Stamper AvatarRoger Stamper

    Their staff did a tremendous job with my garage. It was an expeditious service and the quintessential business approach. They are bravo in their field. Keep it up guys. - 8/06/2020 

    Kelly Woods AvatarKelly Woods

    Thank you so much for fixing out my broken garage door. You guys literally did an amazing job which shows how much dedicated you are towards your work. I would definitely hire your services in the future. - 7/28/2020 

    Lena Zofia AvatarLena Zofia

    Highly, Highly recommendable!! Great workmanship, professionalism and communication. Will definitely use whenever I have a need of garage work. - 7/21/2020 

    Mark Turner AvatarMark Turner

    I belong to Beech Grove and was looking for some garage experts who can repair the garage door and the broken spring at a very reasonable price. It was a pleasing experience to do business with them. Their top notch qualities were: terrific, professional and knowledgeable. That’s what all I want. - 7/19/2020 

    Dylan Ramirez AvatarDylan Ramirez

    They came yesterday for the throughout inspection of the garage door. Prompt in their response, punctual and very helpful guys. They fixes out everything in less than two hours. Very much impressive performance. - 7/19/2020 

    Nettie Sullivan AvatarNettie Sullivan

    Suddenly our old garage door broke down. But we were totally clueless about whom to hire. I asked for a quote from several companies and then set up an appointment with the owner of garage door pro. He was a great listener and not a pushy gentleman. All of my concerns resolved in a proper manner with a deadlines. Great services. - 7/14/2020 

    Lynn Jones AvatarLynn Jones

    They were great repairmen in my knowledge. Indeed, it was a difficult and complex installation of garage door. But they know how to do it successfully. I wish if I could award them a 6 stars ranking. No doubt, I will be a permanent customer of them. - 7/14/2020 

    Roger Johnson AvatarRoger Johnson

    Great customer service and fast repair and installation. Thanks. - 7/04/2020 

    Joe Trask AvatarJoe Trask

    I have installed a new panel on my garage door to protect from dusty climate from garage door pro and it looks amazing. - 5/25/2020 

    Kenneth Caldwell AvatarKenneth Caldwell

    Called in early morning garage door pro very prompt response and very clear communicator with the customer. - 5/23/2020 

    Jason Randolph AvatarJason Randolph

    I called them to change the roller for my garage door because the old one isn’t working properly. - 5/18/2020 

    Angela M. Cole AvatarAngela M. Cole

    Garage door pro has some new technology like remote control door you can open it from anywhere around in your house. - 5/18/2020 

    Noah Holland AvatarNoah Holland

    I am having trouble with my old garage door so I need to repair or it needs to change I’ll do. - 5/16/2020 

    Victor S. Mack AvatarVictor S. Mack

    Jack was super friendly, responsive, and helpful. He showed up within the promised window. Of time. I will be using him again in the future! - 5/15/2020 

    P Prostyakov AvatarP Prostyakov

    Very swift and professional service, indeed! Our garage door mechanism was broken; Steve appeared; 15-20 minutes, and everything was fixed. I've seen other guys working on thing like that for a couple of hours. Thanks, Steve! - 5/07/2020 

    Megan Max AvatarMegan Max

    My garage door motor is not working so I am here to booking an appointment for me. - 4/14/2020 

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  • Angela
    All promised garage door repair services was done timely and with good quality. Very nice to deal with them. Interesting and useful to know, that they are doing much more kinds of services, than company`s name offers: that`s not only DOORS repairs/change, but a lot of other different jobs, linked with multiple GARAGE problems. This fact could attract a lot of new clients. IMHO, will be logical to change the company name to Garage` Comprehensive Services: it`s a pity, if company`s name narrows the possibilities of the firm when in fact it dos much more sorts of service.
  • Michael M.
    Garage Door Pro did a fantastic job when fixing my garage door. They were extremely professional and were tremendously helpful answering all of my questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of service on their garage door.
    Michael M.
  • Rachel W.
    Garage Door Pro was a pleasure to work with. They were timely, professional, and did great work. Not only will I call them if I need anymore work done, but I recommend them to everyone I know!
    Rachel W.
  • Dan M.

    Garage Door Pro gets an A++ rating in my book. We were unable to get our vehicles into the garage. They showed up very fast and diagnosed our issue quickly and concisely. They had the opener up and running in no time! Their prices were very reasonable and they went above and beyond to provide us with an excellent customer service experience. I recommended Garage Door Pro to my neighbor (who also had an issue with his door) as well as many of my friends, and colleagues, they were all very pleased with their service! Thanks.

    Dan M.
  • Chris B.

    Garage Door Pro rocks! Our garage door spring snapped on a weekend and they dispatched out very quickly and had us back in business in no time! They took the time to help us understand what repairs were needed. They were very courteous & knowledgeable. Prices are great too! I've already recommended them to a couple of my friends. Thanks!!!

    Chris B.